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Teaching would be fun if only . . .

Instructors teach CHL classes for various reasons.  Some do it because they enjoy teaching and want to grow the CHL community in Texas.  Others do it to supplement family income, or to fund hobbies or other activities.  Some teach because it provides an opportunity to interact with other people who share a common interest.

Regardless of your motivation for teaching CHL classes, the one thing every instructor hates is paperwork!  It’s fun interacting with your students, but no one enjoys the registration process or preparing the documents required by Texas law. Signing up students, preparing CHL-100’s and CHL-8’s  are hardly enjoyable tasks. These tasks are made more frustrating when you have students no-show without any notice, or if you have to amend the time allocation on CHL-100s.  Requiring students to fill out their own CHL-100s in class is even worse because they feel like they’re doing your work and because DPS will not let instructors count preparation of paperwork as part of the required class hours. 

We automate registration & the paperwork . . . reduces instructor workload dramatically by not only automating the registration process, but also automating the preparation of CHL-100s and CHL-8’s.  

Click one button and your CHL-100's and CHL-8 are prepared instantly, including your signatures!

  Many instructors have PayPal accounts, but that only deals with part of the process.  Subscribing to combines the convenience of your PayPal account with preparation of the DPS documents all instructors are required to provide.  Even if you don’t require pre-payment of your class fee or a deposit, makes your life much easier by automating registration and document creation (CHL-100 and CHL-8).  

Features . . .

1.  Automated Student Online Registration & Instructor Notification:  Your students register online using a registration form customized to meet your requirements.  When they compete the registration process, they receive an automated confirmation email from you with any attachments you want your students to have when they come to class.  You receive an email advising you that a student has registered, along with as much or as little information as you want.  If you require pre-payment of the class fee or a deposit, you also get email confirmation that the payment was made through your payment gateway.

2.  Multiple Payment Options: You can offer your students the option to pay class fees or deposits by credit card using your PayPal account.  You can also allow students to pay off-line by paying at the door, sending a check by mail, or calling in if you have the capability to take credit cards over the phone.

3.  Instructor & student emails: The student registration form captures all information required to prepare CHL-100s and your CHL-8, plus their address, telephone number, and email address.

When a student registers (and pays any required pre-payment amounts like deposits or full payment), they get a customized email from you with any information you want to provide. At your option, the student email can also have an attachments like a CHL-16, special instructions from you, or anything else you want your students to have when they come to class.  When a student registers, you will get an email that contains the information from their registration form, plus their payment status.

4.  Customized Excel Spreadsheet: A specially created Excel spreadsheet developed to make creation and printing of CHL-100's and CHL-8 easy comes with your subscription. You simply enter the class date and click a button with your mouse and a file from is imported and your CHL-100s and CHL-8 are prepared instantly.  They even contain your signature!  If you need to make a last minute change, you do it only once and all CHL-100s and the CHL-8 are automatically updated.

Subscriptions Available:

12 Month Pre-Paid Subscription - $419.40 (12% savings over monthly subscription)

Monthly Subscription  - $39.95/month - Can cancel at the end of any 30 period.

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